ANYONE CAN SET A NEW GOAL or list their resolutions.


You find yourself 30-90 days down the road and those once excited intentions are dust.Life gets in the way. Your plan gets hijacked. You lose your motivation. It isn't fun anymore or you didn't really mean it. We get it.But're ready for something more. You want something different for your life. Do you feel stuck or like things are out of your control? Are you facing a transition that seems too big or don't know the next step? You want to grow your business or your role in your company? Maybe you want to create a new business altogether and you just need someone to guide, support and bounce ideas off of without judgment. You don't have to go it alone.You've come to the right place. You can still reach that goal regardless of the month on the calendar. Be a better leader, have a more balanced life and begin to live according to your values and priorities. Your best days are ahead of you with coaching, consulting and accountability that can help you exceed your own expectations.

life coaching

Do you need a coach or consultant?
With Beyond January, you don't have to choose.

what is a "coachsultant" and why does it matter?

A "coachsultant" is a coach who can equally consult their clients whether they need business coaching, life coaching or consulting.Most of us are familiar with a coach who asks powerful questions to help clients move forward through personalized learning, growth and heightened performance. We equally appreciate the wisdom, professional insights and guidance that a consultant brings to the table to help us get results. While both are valuable and available to you on their own, together they are a powerhouse to help you achieve more on a personal and organizational level.Arguably, your personal and work lives are not necessarily mutually exclusive. Your coaching and consulting don't have to be either. There's no need to hire one more person. We bring both skill sets to the table so you can excel in all domains of your life.


achieve +

Do you have a list of goals in front of you and can't seem to get them done by yourself? Are you clocking more hours at work than anywhere else? No matter where you are on that spectrum, Achieve+ can help you focus and balance your work to optimize performance.Scientifically proven, accountability helps you learn to organize and prioritize your efforts so you accomplish the most effective tasks every day. And knowing you have to answer to someone for doing it improves your chances of completion exponentially.When excuses don't work anymore, Achieve+ is here to help you define and realize your greatest aspirations in a systematic way with goal-setting, coaching and regular accountability.*GOAL-SETTING AND ACCOUNTABILITY ON BI-MONTHLY OR WEEKLY BASIS


A new generation of employees is demanding a new kind of manager--one with a more collaborative approach who guides, supports and creates a high-performance environment as a coach. But where do you get those skills?Leader+ will build on your leadership skills to transition you into a coach manager that can support your employees' professional development and performance plans while meeting your business goals.


I believe in you.

And I want you to do well and be well. That remains the driving force behind the establishment of Beyond January. You have inherent worth and way too many people struggle with decisions to create something better in their life. Is that you? I believe you have the human potential to do more and be more if you can define what you want, have the desire to change and are "called up" to achieve your goals. We'll figure that out together.

A lifetime of coaching

"I don't know why I'm telling you this, but..."
People have said that to me since grade school. I've been gaining trust and creating safe spaces for real growth to occur all of my life. Little did I know back then that I was starting my coaching and consulting career.
If you are ready to achieve what you really, really want in your life, career or business and you want to talk to someone with some life and business experiences to back it up, I would be honored to be your guide, traveling companion, confidante and cheerleader.Pack your bags.

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